Nahida S. Nisa was born 596 years ago off the coast of what is now Iceland. She was not, as she insists, a mermaid, but actually a siren, responsible for luring at least 1200 men to their deaths over a period of years. At some point during the mid-1800s, Nahida realized that simply smashing ships on rocks, while supremely satisfying, was not going to produce any systemic changes in human society, and decided to work from within.

After a series of hilarious but abysmal failures in her first hundred years of work—biting the heads of raw fish in polite society, being discovered living in a subtidal whirlpool, starting a communist colony in Texas, and so forth—she settled on a short series of popular cultural figures in the Pacific coast, ultimately assuming the alias of Nahida Nisa in 1986.

Unsubstantial rumors place her tendency to androcide and leg growth to being part-Fury, but these rumors have never been confirmed.

—Shaun Bickley, excerpt from Memoirs of an Angry Mermaid